St. Patrick day is a religious holiday that is celebrated in around the world in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. People enjoy this day by participating in different St Patricks Day activities and enjoying every bit if this day with their family members.

St Patricks day activities for kids is a great way of keeping kids occupied not only on St Patricks Day , but on other holidays as well. St Patricks Day writing activities is not only a great way of keeping kids engaged, but is also a great way to entertain adults.

Writing is an art which only few people have in their blood. Irish people have lot of imaginary ideas that can be put on the paper and make an exciting write up for people to read. On St Patricks day there are various writing activities one can opt for. We have some writing activities on St Patricks day that will help you to spend your time:

St Patricks Day Writing Activities

Pot of gold: The pot of gold is always associated at the end of rainbow on St.Patricks day. Make people pretend as if they found pot of gold on the St.Patricks day and make them to write their views on this topic. People can also write about the information and history behind the pot of gold on St.Patricks day. This activity can be displayed on the bulletin board and makes the writer to feel proud about his writings.

St Patricks Day Limericks: Make yourself to think about the St.Patrick day theme or location to write a sweet limerick. Look out for some information of people or places around Ireland that provokes your writing.  Always try to keep the location or last word of the first line simple so that it will be easy for you to rhyme with. Use words such as words such as colcannon, Belfast, blarney stone, and shamrock in forming limerick.Make three to four lines considering the story and paste these limericks on the card with good honor and gift it to someone special on St.Patrick day.

Leprechaun: Consider yourself as a leprechaun and write your own experiences and views to be a leprechaun. Make use of Irish vocabulary words to frame powerful sentences. You can also add leprechaun story or some important facts about him to write. Write on his luck, how he keeps the pot of gold safe and silly pranks on him to add spice to your write up.

Leprechaun letter: This can be an amazing classroom activity for kids. You can scribble some writings on your children’s desk, doors and windows of the classroom. You can leave a leprechaun note on the door to make children feel that leprechaun has left some note for them. Make mess in the classroom before he kids enter into the room and write one more letter to the kids to clean their classroom. Make kids to respond back to the letter and next day before the kids arrive clean the classroom. You van see the real excitements on the children’s face and make them learn letter writing skills.

St Patricks Day Poems: Make use of words such as shamrock, blarney stone, luck and rainbow to write a poem in the honor of St.Patricks day. You can write a word or some lines of a particular poem Make the kids to write the missing lines or the words of the particular poem if they know or create their own rhyming lines that matches the above stanza. This will increase the imaginary power of the kids and make them learn new things.

These St.Patricks day writing activities are very useful for kids as well as adults to improve their intellectual power and also enjoy the activity.