St Patricks Day Wreath Decorations

With St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, it is a time to decorate your house with some creative decoration ideas to catch the eyes of your friends and neighbors. People celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by decorating their homes using fancy items available in the market instead of trying to make these simple decorations at home. One of the most commonly used decorations for St. Patricks Day is the wreath. A St Patricks Day wreath can be made from different materials found in your home; you can decorate your sweet home with these amazing St Patricks Day wreaths.

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Decorations

Making a St. Patricks Day wreath is a very simple. All you need is some stiff paper, a pair of scissors, green paper, glitter and ribbons. Follow these simple steps to help you make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Decorations.

How to make a St. patricks Day wreath:-

  • To make a St. Patricks Day wreath you first cut out the center of a paper plate( or a piece of construction paper) to make a broad ring.
  • Color the ring with different shades of green or color them in the form of rainbow.
  • Take a stiff paper and cut out shapes of shamrock and stick them on paper ring .
  • Now take some gold glitter or a green ribbon to tie the wreath and stick the glitter or ribbon on the wreath using glue
  • Allow the wreath to dry and than display the wreath.

This is very simple way of making a St Patricks day wreath decoration and is less time consuming. You can add more decoration ideas to decorate it further by using flowers, stones or Leprechauns on the wreath. Besides these there are different ways to construct wreath on St.Patricks day, here are some of the ideas you can choose to construct wreath.

Handprint wreath:-A handprint wreath is a unique idea to design a wreath by tracing the hands of many people on white and green color construction paper. Cut the hand prints and stick them on the circular shape on the paper facing outwards. Make use of white and green color glitter, St.patricks stickers, round golden balls and pom poms to stick them on the wreath. And finally write some wording such as “HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY “ or ” LUCK of the IRISH” on the wreath .

Grapevine wreath:- A twisted grapevine wreath can be used to make an amazing wreath decoration on St. Patricks day. Take a grapevine wreath of any size, along with some silk shamrocks, green and violet or printed ribbon. Stick the ribbons and shamrock between the woven vines of the wreath. Get a black pot, fill it with plastic gold coins or chocolate coins covered in gold wrapping and attach it at the bottom inside the wreath. This technique is very simple and looks great when hung upon the door.

Shamrock wreath:- You can also make a great St. Patricks Day wreath made up of shamrock and claddagh. This wreath is very Irish and looks amazing when tied at the entrance of your house. It depicts love, friendship and loyalty in your house. Make a wreath made out of shamrock and place them inside the heart ,hands and crown of a traditional Irish Claddagh ring . You can hang this wreath over the door or on the wall of your house.

Candy Wreath:- A candy wreath made up of white and green color candies is also a great St. patricks Day wreath decoration idea you can use while decorating your home. You can make a candy wreath by taking a paper plate and cutting out the center of the plate. Now make a broad ring out of the paper plate, and stick candies in the circular manner touching each other. Tie white and green color ribbon with shamrock print on the wreath to make it more attractive.

Use these St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Decoration ideas and construct a beautiful St. Patricks day wreath.