St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish festival celebrated each year on the 17th of March. This day is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland St Patrick, who was credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland. While St Patricks has been regarded as a religious festival, it as slowly taken on a much more secular hue , with people celebrating this day by partying with friends and family, attending parades and having fun.

People eagerly await St Patricks Day as it gives them an excuse to party without any restrictions. People dress up in green costumes, drink green beer and greet each other with Irish blessings and quotes. One of the most fun activities or traditions of St Patricks Day are the St Patricks Day trivia or quiz questions.

St Patricks Day trivia are not just a great way to spend the evening while in the company of family and friends, but also help you learn a lot about the Irish people, their traditions, culture and of course about St Patrick. You can use these St Patricks day trivia questions and answers to spend hours enjoying with friends and regaling them with yoru knowledge about the Irish. These St Patricks day trivia questions can also be sued to play various drinking games or family games.

Here we have a collection of St Patricks day trivia questions and answers that you can use.

St. Patricks Day Trivia

Q: What is Ireland’s nickname?

A: The emerald isle is the most common. It is also called the old sod, four green fields, The Bower.


Q: What year was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade held in the U.S.?

A: 1737


Q: St. Patrick drove out what?

A: Demons


Q: St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated to commemorate which of the following events?

A: It’s the day when St. Patrick died


Q: What does the shamrock signify on the Day?

A: The number three


Q: In Ireland, what does the color green stand for?

A: Hope

Q: Which American city holds the largest St.Patrick’s Day parade?

A: New York


Q: How long did St Patrick’s mission in Ireland last?

A: 30 years


Q: What is the name of the popular Irish dish that is made up of shredded cabbage, minced onions, mashed potatoes and melted butter?

A: Colcannon


Q: What does kissing the blarney stone will give you?

A: It removes shyness and suddenly gives you the gift of gab.


Q: A whiskey made from potatoes is called?

A: Poteen


Q: What happens if you don’t wear green on St.Patrick day?

A: You get pinched


Q: What profession does leprechaun used to practise?

A: He was a shoemaker


Q: If you happen to see leprechaun what you should not do?

A: Take your eyes from him.


Q: What is the color of Irish flag?

A: Green , white, orange


Q: What does Erin go Braugh mean?

A: Ireland forever

Use these amazing St. Patrick’s Day trivia to keep your friends entertained on St. Patricks Day.