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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated to commemorate St, Patrick, the primary patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated each year on the 17th of March, this day is a public holiday in Ireland and is celebrated in many countries where there is a large Irish population. People celebrate St. Patricks Day by attending service in the morning, dressing up in green costumes and attending St. Patricks Day parades, parties and having dinner with family and friends. While this day was observed as a religious festival, St. Patricks Day has slowly taken on a more secular look, with St. Patricks Day being one of the few festivals observed where people have the liberty of indulging themselves in excessive merriment and partying.

St. Patricks Day is a great excuse for people to throw lavish parties where everyone has fun. However St. Patricks Day is not only about partying, there are other fun activities that you can do on this day, one such activity is St. Patricks Day trivia or St. Patricks Day quizzes. These trivia or quizzes are a great way of testing ones knowledge about the Irish people and Irish culture.  These amazing trivia and questions are also a great way of impressing your friends at a party on St. Patricks Day or impressing your family with your knowledge about this festival and about Irish customs.

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You can also use these trivia and quizzes to play after dinner games with friends and family or can use them to entertain guest who attend your St. Patricks Day party.

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