St. Patricks Day Drinks

St. Patricks Day Drinks

St. Patricks day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year to commemorate the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patricks. St Patricks Day is celebrated in many countries where there are large Irish populations, and is considered to be one of the few festivals that allow people to indulge themselves.

One of the biggest reasons for the huge popularity of St. Patricks Day is its celebrations. People celebrate this day by attending St. Patrick’s Day parades, partying, drinking, making merry and having fun. In fact St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse for everyone to join in the celebrations irrespective whether they are Irish or not.

With St. Patrick ’s Day drawing near, one cannot think of this day without thinking of great St. Patricks Day drinks and St. Patricks day Drink recipes.  A St. Patricks Day celebration would be incomplete without people drinking and raising a toast to good health.

Irish have known to have a tradition of enjoying their drinks; one of the most common drinks in Ireland is stout beer or Guinness. People of Ireland also love drinking Irish whiskey.  One of the most anticipated celebrations of St. Patricks Day are its parties. People look forward t0o these amazing parties as this is the perfect excuse for them to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. When planning on a greta St. Patricks Day party, one needs to pay special attention to the party drinks and needs to have a list of the best party drink recipes.

This St. Patricks day, if you are planning on throwing an Irish themed party for your friends, we have the perfect collection of St. Patricks day drink recipes that you can use to impress your friends and ensure that your party is a success. Here we have some great St. Patricks Day cocktail recipes and St. Patrick’s day drink ideas that you can try out,we also have some amazing  St. Patricks day green drinks recipes, you can also try out some amazing St. Patricks Day green shooter recipes to get things started with your party . We also have a great recipe for amazing green beer for those who love their alcohol. If you are looking for non alcoholic recipes we have a section of some amazing St. Patricks Day mock tail recipes, St. Patricks Day green juice recipes that you can use for a kids party.

You can try out these Irish inspired drink recipes for St. Patricks day or even try out some traditional Irish Drinks to give your St. Patricks Day a more traditional Irish touch. So whatever drink you choose to serve during your St. Patricks day party, raise a toast to Ireland and have fun.

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