St Patricks Day Appetizer Recipes

St Patricks Day Appetizer Recipes

St Patricks day is celebrated each year on the 17th of March, and is celebrated in honour of the patron saint of Ireland who was called St. Patrick. St. Patricks Day falls in the middle of the Lenten season, however the Church had lifted the Lenten restriction for this day, so that people across Ireland could celebrate this day by feasting, drinking and partying.

St. Patricks day is one of the most jovial festivals that is celebrated today, though this is festival has been traditionally been celebrated by the Irish, it has gained in popularity over years and today St. Patricks Day is celebrated even in countries like Japan. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this festival around the world is because; St Patricks day is synonymous with grand parties where people can party without a care. People celebrate this day by dressing up in green costumes and attire, drink green beer and of course eat a lot of green Irish food and St Patricks day party appetizers and snacks.

Whenever we think of St. Patricks day food we think of corned beef and cabbage, however there is much more to Irish food and Irish cooking than just corned beef and cabbage.  Irish food is simple yet mirrors the true spirit of the Irish folk. St. Patricks day party appetizers need to be food that is inspired by Irish cooking while having variety, so that your guests enjoy what has been prepared for them.When ever you think of a great party , you always remember the party food that was served up, if you want your guest to have a blast and enjoy themselves you need to enure that your party snacks are a hit with everyone. Some of the best ideas for St Patricks Day snack recipes is to customize some of your regular party snacks and give them a St. Patricks Day twist. You can serve party finger food along with green dips that remind people of this day, or can go in for green bite sized appetizers to match your green theme for St. Patricks Day.

This St. Patricks Day, in case you are planning on throwing a party for family and friends and don’t have a clue as to what party snacks to serve up, you have reached the right place. We have a collection of some of the most amazing St Patricks day appetizer recipes that you can try out when planning your party. These St Patricks day appetizer recipes have been handpicked to give your party menu variety and ensure that your vegan friends are not left out.

So browse through our healthy and delicious St Patricks day appetizer recipes, and choose the best recipes that suit your party theme. These party food recipes are a sure hit with guests and would ensure that everyone enjoys what is served up.