Green Recipes for St. Patricks DaySt. Patricks Day is celebrated to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland St. Patricks. This day has also come to symbolize Irish pride and people all over the world celebrate St. Patricks day with enthusiasm. While parties and parades form the main stay of any St. Patricks Day celebrations, one must not forget that food has a very vital role to play in the celebrations as well.

St. Patricks day has traditionally been a religious festival where families get together and celebrate this day by attending service and feasting. Since this day falls between the Lenten season, the church had given special concessions and had waived off the Lenten restrictions so that people could feast and celebrate St. Patricks day.

Green ahs long been associated with Irish pride and St. Patricks day, people prepare special food on this day, most of these delicacies that are prepared on St. Patricks day are traditional Irish recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the other, however now a days we see that many of these Irish food recipes have been given a modern day twist to suit our palettes.

Green food has been gaining popularity just as green drinks have during St. Patricks Day. Many households have started preparing green foods either by using food colouring or by using green ingredients in the food. Green St Patricks Day recipes have become more popular not only among kids but adults as well. St Patricks day green recipes are usually a rendition of more conventional Irish or modern food recipes that have been given a green tinge to make them fit the green theme of St. Patricks day.

Here we have a collection of some of the best mouth watering green recipes for St Patricks day that you can prepare at home, these simple to make green recipes for St Patricks day are made using natural ingredients and natural colouring so that they are healthy and safe to eat. You can prepare these amazing green food recipes for St Patricks day either for your family get together, party or when you are having your friends over. Either ways these green recipes for St Patricks day will surely help you set the mood for a great St. Patricks day celebrations and will ensure that your food is a runaway success with kids and adults alike.

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