St Patricks Day Recipes

St Patricks Day Recipes

St. Patricks day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year to commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This day is very important to the Irish people and has been declared a feast day by the Catholic Church. Like any other religious festival, St. Patrick’s Day too has a very close association of celebrations and food.

For centuries food has played a very vital role in religious festivities and customs. Food has always been looked as a gift from the gods to man, in many religions, food is offered as an offering to the gods. St. Patrick’s Day falls between the lent period, however the church had waived off the Lenten restrictions on this day so that people can eat, drink and celebrate this day by feasting.

St. Patrick’s day is mostly celebrated in countries where there is a high population of Irish Diaspora. This day is marked by parties, family get together and church feasts where people prepare traditional Irish dishes that are symbolic of this day. Some of the traditional Irish recipes that people prepare on St. Patrick’s Day include corned beef or corned bacon and cabbage, soda bread, potatoes, spinach, asparagus and rice with parsley washed down with a pint of Guinness. Most of the St. Patricks day recipes that we see today are variations of authentic Irish food that was prepared on this day.

Here we look at how to cook some of the most delicious and authentic Irish food for St. Patricks day. We have a collection of traditional St. Patricks day recipes that you can try out this year and surprise your friends and family. We also have some great St. Patricks Day recipes for kids as well as St. Patricks Day vegan recipes that you can try out. These St. Patricks day recipes have been handpicked to ensure that you get to try out only the best and delicious recipes. We also have large collections of traditional dessert recipes for St. Patricks day as well as some modern variations of desserts that you can make on this day.

We also have a section of great St. Patricks Day beverage recipes, where you can learn to whip up some amazing cocktails and mock tails that you can serve during your St. Patricks Day party. These St. Patricks day cocktail recipes are simple to follow with easy to follow instructions that will make the most amazing party cocktails and mock tails in town.

So browse through our collection of St. Patricks Day recipes and come up with the best St. Patricks Day dinner or party food this year by following our simple recipes. Create your own St. Patrick’s day dinner or party with some of the recipes and ideas below that can help almost anyone whip up a delightful traditional Irish meal or a great feast for St. Patricks Day.

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