St. patricks day Quotes

St. Patricks Day Quotes,

St. Patrick ’s Day is celebrated each year on the 17th of March to commemorate St. Patrick, the beloved patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated with enthusiasm in many countries around the world like US, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia where there is a large Irish population, where St. Patrick’s day is very popular, however this festival has slowly gained in popularity and now is a very popular festival even in countries like Germany, Japan and Russia where there is a negligible Irish population.

Though St. Patrick ’s Day started off as a feast day and a religious festival, this day has become more of a secular holiday and is one of the few days that give people an opportunity to drink until they drop, make merry and have fun. It is no surprise that St. Patricks day is associated with merriment and joy.

The Irish are known for their fun loving and free spirited attitude and their razor sharp wit, they are also know for being able to make fun about themselves and about their love for drinking. This wit and humour can be seen in a lot of the quotes for St. Patricks day. On St patricks day, people throng the streets dressed in green , partying with friends and having fun on St. Patricks day and greeting each other with Irish quotes, something that this festival is  famous for.

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is seen dressed up in green for good luck, toasting to their friends and their health as well as taking part in boisterous festivities. People also use St. Patricks day quotes to greet each other on this day, while some of the St. Patricks Day quotes are religious, most of these quotes mirror the Irish humour and with and can have you and your friends in splits. These St. Patricks day quotes and verses celebrate the spirit and festivities of the St. Patricks day holiday and Ireland.

These St. Patricks day quotes can add a lot of fun to you party and are a great way of spending the evening, drinking with friends and sharing rib ticking St. Patrick ’s Day quotes. Many of these funny St. Patricks day quotes can be used to raise a toast when you are having fun with friends at a pub or drinking at home. So impress your friend this St. Patrick’s Day with these amazing Irish Quotes and sayings that we have compiled for you.

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