St Patricks day is celebrated on 17th march in Ireland and other countries like the US where there is a large Irish population. This day is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. People celebrate this day by attending service in the morning and then celebrating with friends and family by attending parades, parties, visiting Irish pubs and having fun. St Patricks Day is synonymous with green and many people wear green dresses to celebrate this Irish festival.

It is said that on this day, everyone wants to be Irish, but not everyone knows why they’re celebrating this amazing festival. One of the best ways of keeping yourself and your friends informed and knowledgeable about St Patricks Day is by going through St Patricks day facts , trivia and quiz question and answers. St Patricks Day quiz questions are not only a great treasure trove of information, but also a great way of spending time with friends and family and having fun.

St Patricks day quiz questions can be used when you are drinking with friends, or having dinner with family, these quiz questions are a great way of spending time testing each other knowledge about this festival. You can also impress your friends with your knowledge about Irish culture and traditions by reading about these amazing facts and St Patricks day quiz questions.

So if you need to learn more about St Patricks Day or need to know why you need to go green on St Patrick day, or who was St Patrick and where he was born? You have reached the right place. We have a collection of some fun St Patricks day quiz questions and answers that you can use to cover the general knowledge history, folks and geography about the Ireland. These questions will also be helpful for you when you are playing bar games and contests on the St Patrick day. You can be the host and ask these questions to the players forming teams or as an individual depending upon each ones choice and have fun. These questions will improve your knowledge and makes you confident. If you are player than win the games with Irish luck.

St Patricks Day Quiz Questions

  1What is the alcoholic ingredient of Irish coffee?


2. Where and when was St. Patrick born?

Ans:-He was born in Wales in the year347

 3. Which traditional musical instrument was adopted as a logo by Guinness?

Ans:- The Harp.

 4. Which Irish writer is the only person to have won both a Nobel prize and an academy award?

Ans:-George Bernard Shaw

 5. Who was the very first king of Ireland?

Ans:-Brian Boru.

 6. Who had a top ten hit in 1987 with “The Irish Rover”?

Ans:-The Pogues and the Dubliners

 7. Before lamb was used, what meat did an Irish stew traditionally contain?

Ans:-Goat meat.

8. How did St. Patrick drive the snakes from Ireland? By playing the flute, by playing the harp or by banging a drum?

Ans:-Banging a drum

 9. What are the names of the members of the Irish rock band U2?

Ans:-Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

 10. In the song “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” what can you hear in the lilt of Irish laughter?

Ans:-You can hear the angels sing. The lyrics are: “When Irish eyes are smiling, sure ’tis like the morn in spring. In the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy, the entire world seems bright and gay. And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure they steal your heart away.”

 11. Before baking Irish soda bread, why is a cross traditionally slashed in the top of the loaf?

Ans:- To scare away the devil.

 12. In Irish folklore, what is the traditional profession of a leprechaun?

Ans:-A cobbler or shoemaker.

 13. What were the shapes of the marshmallow pieces in the original Lucky Charms cereal? (For extra credit: What does the leprechaun say as a sales pitch for the cereal?)

Ans:-Hearts, moons, stars and clovers. Shapes added to later versions of the cereal included horseshoes, pots of gold, rainbows and red balloons. (Extra credit answer: “They’re always after ‘me Lucky Charms.” Or, “They’re magically delicious.”)

 14. Where would you start looking for Irish moss?

Ans:-In the water. It is seaweed found along the west coast of Ireland. Also called carrageen, it is used as a thickener in puddings, soups, ice creams, cosmetics and medicines.

 15. Which city’s name translates from Irish Gaelic into English as ‘dark pool’?