St Patricks Day is a day celebrated each year on the 17th of March in honour of the beloved patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick. St Patrick was the one who was responsible for introducing Christianity to Ireland. This day has been marked as a feast day by the Catholic Church in recognition of St. Patricks work in Ireland. While this festival is an Irish festival, where St Patricks Day celebrations spread over 5 days, its influence has been spread across the world with the immigration of Irish settlers in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England and Argentina.

St Patricks Day is a jolly festival that reflects the good humoured nature of the Irish and their patron Saint.  It is said that on this day everyone is Irish and is seen wearing green attire, eating green food and drinking green beverages.

One of the best ways of capturing the essence of St. Patricks day is through poetry and St Patricks day poems. Poetry has been used for ages to convey emotions and feelings. Poetry has the ability of turning the simplest of emotions into something that is truly out of this world. Over the years many poets have penned down poetry that touches your hearts. Many of these famous poets were either Irish or of Irish descent. The Irish are known for their fun loving nature and love for poems and verses. In fact Irish Limericks are a great example of simple Irish poetry about everyday life.

St Patricks Day poems are a great way of making your celebrations more special, these poems for St Patricks Day have been passed down from one generation to the other and some of them date back to the time of St. Patrick, it has been recorded that St. Patrick himself had penned down a few poems that one can read online. One such poem attributed to St Patrick is the “cry of the deer” which was written in Irish and Latin which is also known as St Patricks Lorica or breastplate. St Patricks Day poems are a great way of remembering St Patrick and learning about this day.

We have put together a collection of St Patricks Day poems that you can enjoy at leisure.  These poems are suited for the occasion and can be recited by adults and kids alike when having a family get-together or dinner. You can also enjoy these St Patricks day poems when relaxing in a chair with a cup of Irish coffee or in the company of friends.

You are welcome to browse through our collection of St. Patricks Day poems that we have put together for you.