St patricks day party themes

St patricks Day Party Themes

St Patrick’s Day is a Irish festival that is celebrated each year on the 17th of March, and is dedicated to Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. St. Patricks day is a traditional festival in the U.S where people wear green, feast on Iris delicacies like corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and drink Irish beverages like Irish lager, Irish whiskey and green beer and enjoy this day with joy and happiness.  One of the biggest attractions of this festival is the elaborate parties thrown on St. Patricks day. St. Patricks Day parties have become more and more popular over the years, giving this religious festival a more secular outlook. If you want to enjoy St. Patricks Day, why not throw a party at your place with a beautiful Saint Patrick’s Day party theme that your guests would enjoy. Here we look at some of the best Saint Patrick’s Day party theme ideas and themes that you can choose from.

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Theme Ideas

If you are planning on throwing a St. Patricks Day party, the first thing that you need to choose is an amazing St. Patricks Day theme for your party, having a great St. Patricks Day theme not only makes your party more fun, but also helps you and your guests connect with the festival.

Irish Theme:- When planning out your party, it is always good to choose an Irish theme for St. Patricks Day. You can choose a theme that depicts Irish pride, have your guests dress up in traditional Irish costumes, serve traditional Irish dishes and beverages and play Irish music. You can also decorate your house using Irish decorations and motifs.

Green Theme:- St. Patricks Day is all about being Irish and green, plan out a S. Patricks Day party theme with green as your party color. The color green is said to bring good luck in each ones house. You can create a great green party theme by using shamrock leaves, leprechauns, green leprechaun hats and other green decorations. A green theme will really add a festive mood to your grand celebration and enhance the effect of your party. You can ask the people to wear dresses with shamrock leaves with leprechaun’s designs on the front along with beautiful St. Patrick’s hats that would look amazing. You can serve your guests green party food and green beverages like green beer and green cocktails.

House decorations:  If you are planning on hosting a St. Patricks Day party, it’s very important that you pay special attention to your decoration. You can use shamrock and leprechaun’s cut outs and decorations to decorate the walls of your house to give an Irish look. You can also use golden and silver glitter on the cutouts to give your decorations a shiny and glittery feel. You can decorate your house with the white and green colored balloons, which can be stuck to the walls, hung from the ceiling or placed in corners, you can have green balloons with Irish quotes written on them in golden glitter. Using green lights in and around your house for St. Patricks day is another great way of decorating your home and party venue. You can decorate your home entrance with green lights, or with Irish glow signs that say “Luck of the Irish” or Happy St. Patricks Day’ on them.

Green party cuisine: For a great St. Patricks Day party, you need to have green party finger food. Green food is very simple to make, you can use green food coloring to your regular party food recipes or use green ingredients to make your food. Some great green food recipes include green pea soup, green quiche, green tart, green pies, green dips and green cupcakes, green cakes with icing etc.  You can also serve traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage along with soda bread that is a party dish.

Party dress code: For a great St. Patricks Day party, you can have your guests dress up in various costumes like leprechaun costumes, or traditional Irish dresses or just in green attire along with green hats.

These Saint Patrick’s Day Party Theme Ideas will help you throw one of the best Saint Patrick’s Day Parties in town.