St Patricks Day Party Games for Kids

St Patricks Day Party Games for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious festival that is celebrated each year to commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. People celebrate this day by attending service, parades, having family get togethers and partying with friends. One of the best ways of enjoying St Patricks Day is by having a great party along with friends and family. While adults enjoy this day, there is a lot in store for the kids on St. Patricks Day as well. When planning a party for your family and friends you need to ensure that you have planned out some St Patricks Day party games for kids to keep them occupied.

St Patricks Day Party Games for Kids

This day is a good opportunity for kids to enjoy with lots of their favorite games and have a blast. For your St Patricks Day party you can add St Patricks Day themed games to help children enjoy the day with Irish pride and enjoy their holiday. We have some St.Patricks day games for kids that can be enjoyed on the party day to keep your kids busy:

Pot of gold toss: For playing this amazing St Patricks Day Party Game for Kids, you need place a cardboard pot a little distance from a wall with a paper box lid on floor to catch chocolate bean bags. Mark a line at one end of the room and place a bag full of gold coin bean bags there. Now have the kids throw their bean bag through the hole in the pot .The kid who get three gold coin bean bags into the pot wins the game.

Pinning the shamrock on the leprechaun:- This St Patricks Day Party Game for Kids is very interesting as it involves a blindfolded player who needs to pin the shamrock on the leprechaun. You have to spin the player around and then the player has to pin the shamrock on the leprechaun. See if the player pins the shamrock at the right place or the player who pins thee shamrock at the closest point wins the game and gets the prize.

Scavenger hunt: This is a great St Patricks Day game for kids. You need to cut a bunch of four leaf clovers and one three leaf clover. Hide all these clovers in the room and make the children’s to search for the clovers. Give a small prize to a person who finds three leaf clovers.

Treasure hunt:- You can have both kids and adults play this game, hide a few chocolate golden coins and other trinkets and have the players find them. The player who find the most number of coins and trinkets wins the game.

Music games: You can play traditional Irish music for this game. You need to place laminated shamrock cut outs on the floor in a circular way, but be sure that one shamrock should be less than the number of players playing this game. Instruct the kids to stand on each shamrock, now start the music let the kids start moving around the shamrock circle. Once the music stops each player has to go and stand on a shamrock. Whoever fails to stand on the shamrock will be out of the game .After one person is out try to remove one shamrock out of the circle to continue the chain further. The last person who survives will be the winner. This game is similar to musical chairs.

Finding the coin:-  To play this game you need one player to be a leprechaun and others should sit around the leprechaun. Try to close his eyes and place the gold coin in the other player’s hand. Let the other players to move the coin in any direction passing from one person to other. The leprechaun should guess the name of the person who has the gold coin in his/her hand. If he guesses the right person than he wins and if he doesn’t them continue he game till he gets the correct name.

St.patricks day party games for kids are fun to play and very easy to understand, so make use of these amazing games for your party and let the little ones enjoy the holiday.