St patricks Day Party Games for Adults

St patricks Day Party Games for Adults

For more than a thousand years, the Irish people celebrated St Patricks Day, in the honour of a patron saint of Ireland: Saint Patrick. This day is celebrated with joy amongst young people, kids and adults in various ways, people celebrate this day with feasts, parades and merry drinking. Adults have lots of fun on St Patricks Day a s they attend St Patricks Day parties, interacting with other people, laughing, cracking jokes and having great time. St Patrick’s Day party games for adults are not only a great way of keeping people engaged during a party, but also a great way of having fun. These are not very expensive but are really fun when played keeping all the rules and regulations in mind. Start your party with St Patricks day games for adults. You may even turn your home as an Irish pub and enjoy the fun loving games:

St Patricks Day Party Games for Adults

 Truth or lie: This is a great St. Patricks Day party game that is a very simple and can be played by adults. The game is a great ice breaker for those people who met for the first time .This coordination will help to get clever, funny and creative with the lies. This game is played by sitting in a circle and each player has to tell one lie and two truths about himself. Other person should write down the false statement that he thinks and everyone has its own turn .After the turns are over than the lies are compared and the person who detects more lies wins. This is a very interesting game as well as it reveals some good and bad points about the person in a funny way.

Trivia pot of gold: Trivia pot of gold is a very interesting game that requires guests to know about St Patricks day as this game is based on some questions on St.Patricks day. It can be played in a team and person who knows the answer first can raise the hands and gain points. The host gives a gold coin if a player answers the question correctly. If one team cannot answer a question, it goes over to the next team. The team that wins the maximum gold coins wins the pot of gold in the form of a prize.

Thumb master: This is an amazing beer drinking St Patricks Day Party Game for Adults. You start drinking with friends and stop at some point of time and place your thumb on the table. You need to be discreet otherwise you can loose the point, as soon as you place your thumb other people also need to place their thumb on the table .The last person who keeps the thumb on the table has to drink and is considered as new thumb master for the second round. This is a great drinking game for St. Patricks Day.

Shot potato drinking game: This is a great party game for adults game which requires a potato, you can make a few Irish designs on the potato for effects. You need short glasses and make each contestant to wear these glasses around the neck. Put on the traditional Irish music and when the music stops whoever is carrying the potato looses the game and becomes the shooter, or that guest has to drink a shot of liquor.

Apple game: This party game for adults is for couples and involves a dance contest. Give an apple to the couples to hold between their forehead and dance on the music. Continue music with slow, fast and medium beats to enhance the effect of the game and make couple dance according to the music. The couple who holds the apple till the last wins the game. This is a very romantic game and should be enjoyed by the couples.

You can ensure that your guests have fun at your party by playing these amazing  St Patricks day party games for adults.