St patricks day party food ideas

St Patricks Day party Food ideas

With St. Patricks day just around the corner, everyone is preparing for this great Irish festival. St. Patricks Day is celebrated every year on the 17th of march to commemorate the patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick. St. Patricks day is celebrated with enthusiasm across the world both by Irish and non-Irish folk. People celebrate this day by attending service, participating in parades, partying and having fun.

Just like any other festival, St. Patricks Day celebrations are closely associated with food. In fact food has played a very important role in religious ceremonies and festivals since the early ages. Even though St. Patricks Day falls in the middle of the lent season, the church has waived off the Lenten restrictions for this day so that people can eat, drink and celebrate this merry festival.

During St. Patricks Day, traditional Irish recipes are prepared in most houses. Some of the most common Irish food prepared for St. Patricks Day is parsley and potatoes, corned beef and cabbage and soda bread. While food does play a very important part in this festival, what makes this day unique and different from other festivals are its parties. St. Patricks day parties are very popular as they are a perfect excuse for people to celebrate without any restrictions. If you are planning on hosting a St. Patricks Day party, you need to pay extra care to ensure that you have chosen the perfect St. Patricks day party food and menu. People will always tend to remember a party by the food that was served, so you need to have something special to satisfy the needs of your guests. When planning a party for St. Patricks day or choosing a menu for the party your St Patricks day party food must be something that your guests would love. Here we have some amazing St. Patricks day party food ideas that you can use.

St Patricks Day Party Food Ideas

When hosting a St. Patricks day party, you should ensure that you serve a menu mixed with classic Irish dishes and green color food. You can use green food coloring to make green St Patricks Day party food that your guest will love.

Irish lamb stew: Lamb stew is a traditional Irish food that is considered as favourite dish in Ireland and among Irish folk in the United States. This dish is perfect for your St Patrick s day party menu and is made with mutton and vegetables such as potatoes, parsnips and carrots. This stew is easy to cook and a great recipe for your party.

Corned beef and cabbage: This is a traditional Irish recipe that is a perfect St Patricks day party recipe. This is a very easy and convenient recipe to cook made with corned beef, cabbage and onions cooked together in a pan. The recipe is simple to make and a great party dish.

Irish soda bread: Soda bread is a great St Patricks day party food idea as it can be eaten along with a variety of dishes like stews or corned beef and cabbage. You can also have toasted soda bread along with various dips or along with fondues.

Spinach dip: Spinach is a green vegetable so you can start your meal with this dish .It is a healthy food that contains mayonnaise, sour cream, dry leek soup mix, water chestnuts and chopped spinach. This dish takes around 6 hrs for the preparation you can serve the dish with tortilla or pita triangles made out of spinach to give more green color appearance to the dish.

Desserts: Desserts are the main attraction for people during a St. Patricks day party. You can bake green sugar cookies by adding green food color into the batter before baking the cookies. You can also serve your guests green cup cakes, cakes with green and yellow icing and other desserts that are green in color.

Drinks: Green is the color that is preferred on St. Patricks day, it signifies Irish pride and has long been associated with St. Patricks day, serve your guests green cocktails, green beer and traditional Irish drinks like Irish coffee and Irish whiskey. You can also serve your guests green mock tails and milk shakes that are green in color.

Try out these St. Patricks day party food ideas and win the hearts of your guests.