St.Patricks day is a special day for Irish people across the world. On this day, it is said that every one is Irish and there is a lot of excitement and celebrations on this day. People of all age group including children’s and adults take part in these St Patricks Day  celebrations and enjoy this day by decorating their houses, throwing grand parties, watching parades, singing, dancing and having fun.

People throw St Patricks Day parties that including games, Irish foods, drinks, Irish music and dances. Most parties on this day also have St Patricks day party favors, that are given to the people who attend these parties as a token of appreciation. Some people arrange parties with different themes and give a St Patricks Day party favor that matches the theme to their guests to celebrate their party in a unique way.

St Patrick day party favors need not be expensive but it should be memorable. Every individual should be able to appreciate the party favor given; This is something that one should remember when buying party favors for St Patricks Day parties. If you have a creative streak in you, you can also use your own ideas and develop some unique St Patrick day favors to your guests. We have some choices that you can pick for your St Patrick day party favors.

StPatricks Day Party Favors

Acrylic Ornaments: Acrylic St Patricks day ornaments come in different sizes and shapes. These acrylic ornaments can be attached to different materials to make it more attractive. You can buy some candle holders and these acrylic ornaments can be wrapped around the holder to give a descent look. Candle holders are very helpful as you can place them on the table during the party as a centerpiece on the table. You can also keep some acrylic beads on the table on the party and play a game with your guests and make them choose their favorite color bead and gift them as a favor along with a candle stand.

Votive cups: They are easily available in the market. You can decorate these votive cups with beads and draw green shamrocks to make them more attractive. You can use these cups during any functions at your place.

Mini baskets: A pretty basket with flower decorations and bead work can be used as a St. Patrick’s Day party favor. You can place some shamrock candies or green cookies to match the theme. The wooden baskets come in different shades of color or it can be easily spray painted the way you want. You can also place an Irish saying on the basket along with the cookies to look more delightful and noticed by the people.

Beer candles: This can be a unique favor to offer your guests. You need to take a glass mug with yellow gel in the bottom and place white wax at the top that looks like froth of the beer and burn it for your party. They also make for great St Patricks Day party favors.

Frames: Make luck of the Irish frames with small bookmarks featuring traditional Irish sayings or toasts. You can print these sentences on the green construction paper with some St Patrick’s Day pictures with contrasting color and frame this pictures in wooden frames .

 Personalized hanky: You can also buy some different colored hankies and  write down some Irish sayings on the hanky with contrasting permanent glue markers at the corner of the hanky and give them as a St .Patrick day favor at the end of party.

St. Patrick day party favors will guide you to design some unique favors for your beloved guests or you can use these ideas to make unforgettable party with amazing favors.