St Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

St Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

17th day of March is dedicated to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and it is celebrated all over the world with joy and grand celebration. People around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s by wearing green, attending St. Patricks Day parades, drinking green beer and decorating their house in green. People also use shamrock leaves to decorate their houses as this leaf is symbolic to St. Patrick day. It is one of the best holidays to decorate your house with creative ideas. St. Patricks day is known for the grand and lavish parties that people throw, and to ensure that your party is a roaring success with your guests, it is very important to have the right St Patrick’s Day party decorations that will add life to your party.

If you are planning on throwing an Irish themed party, it is always good to choose green as your party theme color, as green is symbolic of Irish pride and St. Patricks Day and will set the mood of the party. Here are some of the St Patrick’s Day party decorations tips to be used by the people to decorate their houses and prepare for a great St. Patricks Day party.

St Patrick’s Day party decorations
Party Lights:-When planning on a party, it is very important that you pay attention to the lighting you are going to use. Start your St. Patricks Day party decoration by decorating your house with green light bulbs and lamps, shamrock shaped party lights and green helium balloons at the entrance. You can also use white or orange for the decorations as these colours are used in the flag of the Republic of Ireland. You can make your St. Patricks Day party decorations special by using leprechauns and green shamrock decorations. Give your party a Irish touch by decorating your party venue with a banner or make your entrance resemble and Irish pub entrance. You can also use the “blarney stone” at the entrance of your party venue, and let the guests kiss the stone while entering the venue. This would give your party a very Irish feel and people would enjoy your party

Party Banners:-You can also create a great party banner using a funny Irish quote for St. Patricks Day or you can use other St. Patricks Day quotes to make a great party banner that can be used at the entrance. Decorate your wall and ceiling by using green trimmers or banners. Long strips of green ribbons or banners are placed on the frames or on the ceiling to make your decorations more attractive. A happy St. Patrick’s Day cut out sign, 2 green glitter shamrock cu touts, and 2 happy St. Patrick ’s Day shamrock cut outs placed right at the entrance to give outstanding look to your house.

Party Rainbows:-Celebrate your party with a rainbow theme as rainbows symbolize dreams, faith, good fortune, faith and optimism. The rainbow theme is associated with the parts of 60s and 70s so most of the parties prefer to use them. Sometimes you can also use two shades of green or a combination of green and gold depending upon each ones choice. If your party has a guest of honour than use his /her favourite color to decorate the ceiling or wall.

Table Decorations:-Use a green color table runner or cloth to decorate the table or you can also choose some contrasting color table cloth to decorate the table that suits your St Patrick’s Day party decorations. Gold wrapped chocolate coins and lucky charm green cereals can be used to decorate the table and also can act as good snacks. Use these chocolates to fill vases and bowls kept on the table to look more attractive. Use white bowls and orange table napkins to give your table a traditional Irish look. Use green color paper plates and drinking mugs to give an ambience of St Patrick’s Day spirit.

Bells and Flowers:- Decorate the house with bells, green flowers and calla lilies. The bells of Ireland bring good luck to the people. Calla lilies and flowers represent beauty in house. Make green shamrock flowers with green construction paper and apply some shiny glitter on them to decorate the room.

Bathroom Decorations:-Decorate your bathroom with green towels and washcloths and hang them in the bathroom. Get a green color mat and green color bathroom trashcan to add a decorative touch on St Patrick’s Day. Arrange some games and activities beginning with St Patrick’s Day theme.

Make use of all these St Patrick’s Day party decorations to decorate your house and enjoy the special moment.