St Patricks Day Music

St Patricks Day Music

St. Patrick’s Day, is a green-themed holiday that is known for its celebration of Irish culture and traditions. This day is celebrated to commemorate St. Patricks who is the patron saint of Ireland, and who was credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.  People celebrate St. Patricks Day by attending service, attending parades, drinking green beer and other alcoholic beverages, wearing green dresses, decorating their houses in green, eating green food and enjoying themselves along with friends and family. One of the biggest attractions of St. Patricks Day are the parties. People throw lavish parties that have Irish themes and invite their friends to celebrate this day long with them. Like any other party or celebration music plays a very important and integral role in St. Patricks Day celebrations. The music played on St. Patricks Day has traditionally been Irish music, however nowadays the parties organized on this day play more of modern day music that is popular with the younger generation.

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate this day, but there are many ways to celebrate this day with joy. Some people party at their place and play music to cherish the moment. There are different types of music you can play on St. Patricks Day to get into the party mood.

Ireland has a long history with music, with incredible styles of music. Celtic, folk music and traditional Irish pub songs are the right choices for you, if you are planning on throwing a great St. Patricks Day party.

St. Patrick’s Day Music

In order to create an event others will enjoy, you’ll want to give your party an authentic Irish feely by playing traditional St. Patrick’s Day music and other authentic Irish entertainment. We have some St. Patrick day music ideas that you can play for your party to bring life into your party.

  • Traditional Irish music: Traditional Irish music has always been fast paced music that makes people want to break out into a dance, this music is traditionally played on hornpipes, harps and violins. There are of two types of traditional Irish music one is song and the other is dance. The traditional Irish music includes drinking songs, laments and ballads, song accompanied by variety of instruments.
  • Traditional dance music: this music includes hornpipes, reels and jigs. Reels are very fun, lively and challenging music that is fast paced and great for dancing. A well known reel music is “Red Haired Boy,” which has become an American bluegrass standard.
  • Polkas:- are also very lively music that is played much faster than reels. The famous polka song is “John Ryan’s Polka” that was played by the group “Gaelic Storm” in the move Titanic.
  • Irish Hornpipes:- this music is played in a very different way, they are played for sets or ceili dances at a very straight and moderately fast speed but not as fast as reels.
  • St. Patrick’s Day music
  • Single jigs and double jigs are two types of jigs that are played during Irish festivals, celebrations and parties and make for great St. Patricks Day party music. Single jigs are distinguishable by a preponderance of dotted quarter notes and double jigs contain double set of triplets in each measure. A fast double jig is used to accompany the soft shoe “light jig.” Sometimes the music slows down slow down to accompany complicated hard shoe “heavy jigs.” One of the most common jig music played is the “Washerwoman”.
  • Irish harp music: This music is called as centrepiece of royal Irish music that was banned by the British. Harp music has survived due to the resilience of the Irish folk and is a very popular Irish Dance music. The harp is still considered to be one of the most important musical instruments in Irish music.
  • Celtic music: Celtic music is not specifically Irish, but is considered easy-listening, mood music that gives an enchanting and relaxing feel to its listeners. Celtic music has Irish sound in its composition.
  • Modern music:- you can also try having a collection of modern day dance music that people can dance to. Modern music that you can play can include modern pub music or disco music.

If you are planning on a St. Patricks Day party you can choose from any of these types of St. Patricks Day music to entertain your guests and ensure that they have a great time dancing and foot tapping. You can also provide your guests with a booklet that contains St. Patricks Day lyrics so that they can sing along with the St Patricks day songs you play.