St Patrick day is celebrated on 17th march all over the world in the remembrance of St Patrick. St Patricks day limericks are very popular not just in Ireland, but also in places like the US.  St Patricks day limericks are used in different occasions like when having fun with friends, greeting people on St Patricks Day morning or when you are sending a greeting to your friends on this day.  St Patricks Day limericks for adults help add lots of fun in a party or when you go drinking to an Irish pub with friends. A limerick is a witty, nonsense and a humorous poem that is liked by most of Irish people.

These St.Patricks day limericks quotes can be used during get together where your old friends unite to share good times. St.Patricks day quotes will help to reunite those friends who are separated from each other. Some people organize competitions for the best limericks to make them well known and also offer awards to the best person. We have a great collection of St Patricks day limericks that can be memorized and used on special occasions;

St Patricks Day Limericks

“Patrick was not that old,

When he was taken to Green white and gold

His mother was frantic

When he was near the Atlantic

And offered a reward of gold.” Julie O’ Hara

“Hurray, hurray it’s St Patrick’s day,

Put on your shamrock that’s what I say.

Green, white and gold everywhere,

And nobody has a single care.

Everyone’s happy and gay.” Jason Cahill


“A man, while drinking green beer,

Felt a tail push out of his rear,

The changes weren’t done,

As he started to run,

And went into the woods as a deer”. Tinbender


“There once was a shamrock named Pat,

Who tripped on a root and went splat,

She ripped her best leaf,

And sobbed in her grief,

And ruined her favorite hat.” Leanne Guenther


“Here are my limericks, Mr. Kahn

With a delete key they will be gone

If too rotten to place

No way to embrace –

St. Patrick’s Day limericks gone wrong. “Ginge Hoelscher


“I’ll always be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

And thrill to the sounds of the pipes as they play

The corned beef I’ll eat

With the cabbage so sweet

And then I can sing in that fine Irish way. “Bob Hynes


“leprechaun St. Paddy’s Day,

On his violin started to play.

After breaking a string

he then started to sing

‘Til the constable hauled him away.” Mark Schlichting


“There once was an old man of Esser,

Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser,

It at last grew so small

He knew nothing at all,

And now he’s a college professor” Unknown


“There once was a lassie named Dovie

Who was passionate, cuddly and Lovie

She craved a fine mister

To hold her and kissher

perhaps she could could find her own covey” Unknown


“Here lies the body

of Jonathan Blake,

Stepped on the gas

instead of the brake.” Unknown


“Here lies an Atheist

All dressed up

And no place to go.” Unknown