St patricks day kindergarten activitiesSt Patrick day is celebrated on 17 March every year in Ireland as well as countries like US and Canada where there is a large Irish Population. This day is celebrated in honour of the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. As St Patricks Day draws near, people scramble to get their houses decorated, organize parties and get togethers and have a great time. While this festival has a lot in store for adults, kids are not to be left behind on this day. There are a lot of activities that kids can do on St Patricks which they enjoy. Kids can participate in St Patricks Day activities for kindergarten and for kids that not only help them enjoy themselves, but also help them develop artistic skills.

The best way of ensuring that kids are not left out of the St Patricks Day festivities is by organizing St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten kids that will keep them busy on St. Patrick day. These activities will also help them to learn some interesting things about St Patrick’s Day traditions .Have fun with your kids by using these amazing St Patricks day preschool activities mentioned here

St Patricks Day Kindergarten Activities

Create green colour: Teach your kids how to make green color with the help of blue and yellow paint on a piece of white paper. Ask them to mix both the colours to get different shades of green and teach them how they are different. Supply them small cut outs of shamrock and let them color them with different shades of green and stick them on a white sheet of paper and draw a stem by using brown color and create a small tree of shamrock.

Paper plate leprechaun craft: This fun paper plate Leprechaun made with simple materials that are easily available at your home and can be a great learning technique for small kids. First take the paper plate and paint a thick outer border with orange color and by using craft paper you can cut the hat which is green in color. Take a small black strip to make a bow on the hat and fix it on the hat with the help of glue. Cut a yellow colour open square shape to paste it at the black strip. Place this hat on the paper plate and sketch the eyes and mouth with the help of black color sketch pen. It is very simple and doesn’t take much time.

Shamrock necklaces: Give your tots shamrock stencils and let they cut shamrock from green construction paper. Use a puncher to make holes on the shamrock and run a thread through the hole and tie this necklace on their neck on St. Patrick day.

Shamrock man:Use shamrock leave to design some unique and amazing craft that your tiny tots would love to work on. You need two sheets of thick paper i.e. green and white. Cut out two sizes of shamrock leaves. One with large size of shamrock with the help of green paper. Then cut out four pieces of small size shamrock with green color. Take a white paper and cut into small strip and fold it back and forth to obtain an accordion fold appearance. Glue two white strips on the side of the shamrock to create his hands and two at the base to create his legs. Glue two small shamrocks at the arms and two small shamrocks on the legs. Make goggling eyes and paste them on the middle of large shamrock and draw a smile below the eyes.

Hand Print Rainbow –Make the children colour their hands with different rainbow shades .Allow them to stamp their hands on a long white paper in the form of rainbow. Take three two four print of each colour and draw a gold pot at the start of the rainbow with yellow color short and circular cut outs resembling as the gold coins in the pot.

These St Patricks Day Kindergarten Activities are a great way of keeping your tiny tots busy and also helping them learn more about this festival.