St Patricks Day is celebrated each year on the 17th of March in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who was credited with having introduced Christianity to Ireland.  This day is not only celebrated in Ireland, but is also a celebrated in other countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada which have a large population of Irish descendent people living, and where this day is a very popular festival.

People celebrate this fun filled and merry festival by attending service in the morning and then celebrating the day along with friends and family by participating in parades, organizing and attending parties and having family get-togethers. St Patricks Day is one of the few festivals that allow people unrestricted celebrations and merriment. This festival is a true representation of the Irish culture and spirit.

The Irish people are a fun loving people who are known for their razor sharp Irish wit and their ability to make jokes about themselves. This can be seen in their Irish quotes and sayings that are very popular on St Patricks Day. St Patricks Day jokes and Irish Jokes are also very famous among revelers who recite these amazing and funny St Patrick day jokes to their friends and family on this day. These St Patricks Day jokes are a great way of getting the merriment and celebrations on its way and also a great way of entertaining friends and family, be it a family dinner or a party.

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