St Patricks Day Home Decorations

St Patricks Day Home Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is a special feast day for Catholics, in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This day has been declared a feast day by the church and people celebrate this day by wearing green outfits, green color drinks, eating green food items and decorating their houses in green to depict the pride of Ireland. St Patricks Day is a great opportunity for you to decorate your houses and welcome guest in your house. There are different ways to decorate your house on St. Patricks Day including decoration ideas for both inside and outside of your house. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to decorate your house on St. Patrick’s eve. You can decorate your house in a tasteful way that will give you the best feeling on St. Patrick’s Day using things that are easily available at home. Here are some of the useful St Patricks day decorations ideas to that can be used to brighten your home decorations in a simple way.

St. Patrick’s Day home decorations

St. Patricks Day is all about being Irish, Irish pride and having fun. You can celebrate this day by decorating your house using these amazing St. Patrick’s Day home decorations to decorate your home on this day.

St. Patricks Day Garland:- You can make a St Patrick’s day garland, by using metallic green shamrocks or green shamrocks made with construction paper with golden glitter on them, strung together with  golden beads. You can use the shamrock and beads garland to decorate the walls, doors and railing of your staircase.

Picture frames:-You can also place pictures frames containing shamrock flowers on the corner of a table, the mantle or a shelf. You can have photo frames that are painted green, or have a cute teddy bear with leprechaun hat painted green in color with white shamrock. These decorated picture frames look amazing, and can be placed on the walls to give you a festive environment in the house.

Table decorations:- Decorate the table with a green color tablecloth or table runner and use white or green shade bowls, glasses and mugs with green drinks to give your table a festive,  St. Patricks Day look. You can also use green color napkin with gold band tied to it and use green plates with white and green color shamrock to add zing to the decoration. Spray some green color confetti with shamrock shape on the table to complete your table decorations.

Flowers:- St. Patricks Day falls just before spring.  Bells of Ireland are a type of flower which appear during spring. You can use these amazing flowers to decorate a vase on the table, or place a vase with bells of Ireland on the shelf or a side table. Flowers give a very festive look to your house and are a great way of decorating the house for St Patricks Day. You can also use small branches of a flowering plant or tree to decorate your house by placing them in a vase. You can also create a topiary made up of bells of Ireland to hang them on the door. Another great decoration idea for your house is to place shamrock plants in and around your house give your house a festive look and set the mood for St. Patricks Day.

Center piece decorations:- Create a centerpiece using a basket that is decorated and place green apples in it, this can then be served to your guests as dessert after the dinner.  You can also create a vase with green ornaments to look more attractive and have it placed on the table as a center piece. You can use a small vase and put plenty of ornaments that are coming out of the pot, or use green flowers to make a bouquet that can then be placed as a corner piece on the side table in your house.

Banners:- On St. Patricks Day, a great way of decorating your house is to use banners, steamers and flags and place them outside your house to show Irish colors and create a great St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere in and around your house.

Balloons:- You can decorate your house for St. Patricks day by using green and white color balloons. A white color balloon painted with green color shamrock flowers or vice versa will give an amazing look to your house.  You can tie these amazing looking balloons on the walls of your hall or outside your house or in the garden hanging to the tree. Make a bunch of balloons and tie them at the entrance or you can make an arch using green, white and golden balloons.

Make use of these ideas on St. Patrick’s Day home celebrations to decorate your house and set the mood for a great celebration.