St Patricks day is celebrated both by Irish and non Irish folk by throwing parties on the 17th of March. This day is a great opportunity for people to show Irish pride by dressing in green outfits, decorating their houses in green, eating green food, drinking green beverages and giving each other St Patricks Day gifts.

Even though St Patricks day does not have a custom of giving and exchanging gifts, you can make St. Patrick day a festival where you give and exchange St Patricks Day gifts with friends and family. St Patricks Day gifts are the perfect way of letting people know that you love and care for them, it is also a great way of appreciating people. One of the best St Patricks Day gift ideas is to give gifts to your friends and guests who attend your St Patricks Day party, these St Patricks Day gifts are a great way of appreciating the people who accepted your invitation and spent this day along with you.

You do not need to go in for expensive gifts on St Patricks day, there are many gift ideas that are not only perfect for this day but are easy on your pocket. Here we have a few amazing St Patricks Day gift ideas that you can choose from.

St Patricks Day Gift Ideas

Pot o’ Gold:- This is the best St Patricks Day gift that you can give your dear ones. Take a small black cauldron or flower pot and paint it with black color or paper, place golden wrapped candies, chocolates and cookies in the pot and give this pot of gold gifts to your guests, friends and co-workers on St Patricks Day.

Shamrock Glass Sun catcher: This is a unique gift that you can gift on St Patricks Day. This glass sun catcher has green shamrock designs on it and looks amazing and is a great good luck charm that will bring people the luck of the Irish. You can gift these amazing St Patricks Day gifts to your family members, friends and party guests.


Cakes: A great St Patricks Day gift idea is to gift your guests and friends cakes with green icing and shamrock designs on them. You can decorate these green icing cakes with St Patricks day quotes or limericks or you can also decorate your cake with white icing and gold candies.

Green Bowls: You can gift a green bowl set which comprises of cups, saucers, plates and spoons. This will be everlasting and remarkable gifts used in every kitchen. Women will appreciate this amazing St Patricks Day gift that you give them.

Carved Samrock: A great St Patricks Day gift idea would be to give your friends a carved shamrock with an Irish good luck saying on it. This gift is used as a table decoration or can be placed on your office desk. This amazing gift has shamrock carving made up of wood with Irish blessings and beautiful scenery surrounded the wordings. People will love to receive these gifts on St Patricks Day.

Green Hats: you gift Irish themed hats to your guests with green and white color design on it. These hats may also include the sayings as “Happy St.Patrick day”.

Other St Patricks Day gift ideas include photo frames, key chains flags, and small clocks. You can use these amazing gift ideas to buy gifts for your friends, family, party guests or co-workers.