St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to be Irish and celebrate this amazing Irish festival.  St Patricks Day is also a great opportunity to gift your family and friends amazing St Patricks Day gifts. While St Patricks Day does not have a tradition of gift giving, you can still take this opportunity to give and exchange gifts as a token of appreciation.

While St Patricks Day is predominantly looked upon as a festival where adults have a lot of fun, this day has a lot in store for kids as well. Kids are very fond of celebrating St Patrick’s Day as they are very curious about playing games, sharing jokes, riddles and poems for St.Patricks day and other activities that are meant of their interests. The most important attraction for kids are St Patricks Day gifts for kids given by their relatives or friends.

St Patricks Day gifts are something that Kids eagerly wait for this moment as they will get gifts which they are fond off . Here we have some amazing St.Patricks day gift ideas will help you to choose gifts that are loved by your kids. Patrick’s day gift ideas for kids have got some unique collection of gifts that also helps adult to choose the most demanding and the latest gifts preferred by their kids.

St Patricks Day gift ideas for kids:

Leprechaun T-shirt: This is a favorite gift for kids; design a leprechaun cartoon on the white t-shirt with a funny Irish saying written on the T-shirt, you can choose sayings like “If you are lucky enough to be an Irish, You are lucky enough” or “Never iron a shamrock, or else you will press you’re luck”. These funny Irish sayings can be written in green color. You can also try using a green t-shirt with golden lettering on it, kids love to wear this on St.Patricks day eve party and show Irish pride.

Irish Barbie doll: the Barbie doll is a favorite gift that is loved by girls around the world. The Irish Barbie is dressed in a green color outfit with shamrock hair band, crown and earrings. You can add a rainbow color necklace and use golden coin purse as accessories along with the doll. You can also gift your kid an Irish setter puppy that goes with the Barbie for the perfect St Patrick’s Day gift for girls.

St Patrick’s Puzzle: Kids like to play with puzzles. Give your kid an Irish themed puzzle with leprechauns, Shamrocks or other Irish themes that will contain Irish pride. These puzzles will keep your child busy while playing some interesting games.

Irish History Books for Kids: This gift will help to teach your kid Irish stories and myths. You kid would learn a lot through these picture books and by reading short stories on St Patrick and his life. You can instill Irish pride in your kid through these books. Reading will improve his knowledge and intellectual power.

Shamrock Lollipop: Gift your child with green and white color shamrock lollipops with different flavors such as apple, strawberry, mango and so on. Test your luck with two white and one chocolate lollipop shamrock lollipop wrapped with gold foil. This is a favorite gift for most kids.

Leprechaun Piggy Bank: This is a good idea that teaches your kid to save money with an Irish theme. Bring a little leprechaun with opening on the hat of the leprechaun that will enable the kids to drop in coins and save them. You can always instruct your kid to save the money for whole year and open it for the next St.Patrick day and count the money to compare with his friends.

St.Patricks day gift ideas for kids will help you to decide the gift for your kids and make your little ones happy.