St Patricks Day Flower Decorations

St Patricks Day Flower Decorations

St. Patrick day is celebrated annually on March 17th in the commemoration of patron saint of Ireland; St. Patrick. It is a religious feast day for Catholics and it is a declared as the public holiday for people in Ireland. While this is a predominantly Irish festival, St Patricks Day is celebrated with enthusiasm through the world. On this auspicious day people decorate their houses, attend service in the morning and celebrate the day by partying, attending parades and having a good time with family and friends. Like any other festival, decorations play a very important role in the St. Patricks Day celebrations and flower decorations are used by many people to beautify their houses and decorate them.

Flower is a good way to bring happiness in each ones house. Decorating your house with flowers is a good way of brightening up your home for St. Patrick’s Day. The Day is considered as a green day and is celebrated with parties, parades, green shamrock, bells of Ireland and Celtic music. People decorate their houses with different shades of green flowers such as hydrangeas, bells of Ireland and euphorbia’s and much more. You can find some of these amazing St.Patricks day flower decoration ideas, that you can use to beautify your house here.

St. Patrick’s Day flower decorations

Shamrock:- Shamrock is a commonly used flower on St. Patricks day,. as it was used by Saint Patrick to preach the doctrine of the holy trinity to the people. This flower is Ireland’s national symbol and is also said to bring good luck to the Irish people. The Shamrock is a three leaf clover flower that is found in Ireland. White clover and wood sorrel are the most useful flower plants that are used in the decoration which gives white flowers.

Strawberry Tree: Strawberry Tree is a shrub that had leathery oval-shaped leathery leaves with glossy tops. The white and pink flowers fall in the winter. This plant can be used to decorate the house on St.Patricks day.

 Green Hydrangea: Green hydrangea is one of the most elegant flowers that can be used to decorate your homes on St. Patrick’s Day. You can cut the green hydrangea into different lengths and place the taller ones in the centre, and others surrounding the taller one and form a bouquet and set them in a vase or keep them on the table to brighten up your table decoration.

Green Carnations:- Green carnations are the best choice to create a flower bouquet on St.Patricks day. White carnations are dyed with green food color and then placed in water, as carnations absorb water they tend to appear green in color. The more they are kept in the water, the brighter green they turn.

Bells of Ireland:- Bells of Ireland are considered as the perfect flower for St. Patrick’s Day. Cut the long stalks of this flower and place them in the silver vases on the table to create a lovely mood in the St.Patricks eve. You can also add some color effect on these flowers to look bright and give a smart look to your house.

White Roses:- White roses with green clovers make a great combination for a great St. Patricks day flower arrangement. Clip the blooms of the stem of white roses and float them in water to give a descent look to your flower decoration.

An exotic flower bouquet made up of these beautiful flowers on St.Patricks day brighten up your home and give it a very festive look. Follow these amazing St. Patrick’s Day flower decorations  given here.