Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, people celebrate this day with great joy and enthusiasm. This day has been dedicated to St Patrick, who was the patron saint of Ireland and who is said to have bought Christianity to Ireland. On St Patricks Day, people decorate their houses with green colour banners, shamrock, leprechauns and Irish flags to celebrate this festival.

St Patricks Day is a very important festival for Irish people each and every person should know the facts and myths about this holiday to understand the festival in depth. While this day started off as a religious holiday, it has become more of a secular holiday with people partying and attending parades and having a great time visiting Irish pubs. However this has resulted in people losing touch with the traditional ways of celebrating this festival.

St Patrick day facts for kids is a great way of keeping your kids informed and keyed in to the history of St Patricks Day, why this day is so important to the Irish and why it is celebrated. Facts about St Patricks day for kids, are a great way of making our kids aware of these facts, and ensuring that they get passed on to the next generation. You can have your kids learn and memorize these St Patricks day fun facts for kids to help them get to know their Irish roots better. Here we have a list of interesting and good to know St Patricks Day facts for kids that your kids will love, you can use these St Patricks day fun facts for kids to play games or quizzes with them.

St Patrick Day Facts for Kids

  • The actual color of St. Patrick is blue. During 19th century Green became associated with St. Patrick’s Day. In Irish legends green was worn by fairies and immortals, and also by people to encourage their crops to grow.
  • Four leaf clovers are lucky because they are very hard to find. A person can search clover patches for a thousand years and never find one.
  • Green is the beautiful color of springtime, and is very much so connected with thoughts of hope and good things to come. You also wear green on St. Patrick’s Day because you don’t want to get pinched.
  • The Irish flag comprises of three colors green, orange and white: The green symbolizes the people of the south, and orange, the people of the north. White represents the peace that brings them together as a nation.
  • The name “leprechaun” has come from several origins that may include. It could be from the Irish Gaelic word “leipreachan,” which means “a kind of aqueous sprite.” Or, it could be from “leath bhrogan,” which means “shoemaker.”
  • St.Patrick day is celebrated in March because after thirty years of evangelism, Saint Patrick died on 17 March 461. In Ireland it is both a solemnity and a holy day of obligation and outside of Ireland, it is considered as a celebration of Ireland.
  • The phrase, “Drowning the Shamrock” is from the custom of floating the shamrock on the top of whiskey before drinking it. The Irish believe that if you keep the custom, then you will have a prosperous year ahead.
  • According to Guinness book of records the highest number of leaves present on clovers is 14.
  • In Chicago Rivers are dyed green on St.Patrick day. Mayor Daley is also of Irish descent.
  • According to folklore, St.Patrick heard a voice in his dreams telling him to escape; he found passage on a pirate ship back to Britain where he was again with his family. Then again the voice told him to go back to Ireland .He spent all his life in the Ireland trying to convert Irish into Christianity.
  • The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade held in Dublin in 1931 .Although secular celebrations now exist, the holiday remains a religious observance in Ireland in the name of St.Patrick.
  • Many bars in Ireland and some abroad countries serve green color drinks on St.Patrick day.