St. Patrick’s Day is a religious festival that is celebrated each year on the 17th of March and is celebrated to commemorate the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. St. Patricks day is celebrated around the world, where large Irish Diaspora is found. This day is synonymous with the color green and the Shamrock leaf. People celebrate St. Patricks day by wearing green costumes and attending morning service. In the afternoons, people get together to celebrate this day by wining and dining with friends and family.

St patricks Day Decoration Ideas

St patricks Day Decoration Ideas

While St. Patricks Day started off as a Religious festival, over time this day has taken on a more modern secular look with people throwing lavish parties for friends and family, drinking, dancing and taking part in St. Patricks Day parades. St. Patricks day parties are very popular with the young and old alike. One of the most important aspects of preparing for St. Patricks day is St. Patricks Day decorations.

People celebrating this festival like to decorate their houses with Shamrock, and other motifs that are symbolic of St. Patricks day.

When decorating your house in preparation for St. Patricks Day, green is the color to go, there are various decoration ideas that you can follow for St. Patricks Day decorations like having table decorations, banners etc. Let’s look at some simple St. Patricks Day decoration tips that you can follow to ensure that you have the best St. Patricks day decorations.

St. Patricks Day Decoration Ideas and Tips

Theme:- Before you start decorating your house for St. Patricks Day, choose a theme. Your entire decoration would revolve around this theme, giving your home a great look. Since its St. Paddy’s day, its obvious that whatever theme you choose, the color is going to be green. You can choose a flower for the theme or even a season.

Be creative:- When planning out your St. Patricks day decorations, be creative. You can use green colored paper to create your decorations, or use discarded stuff lying around the house to make some awesome decorations. The most simple decorations to make on St. Patricks day is to use green poster paper to make shamrocks and then have them decorated with gold and silver glitter. You can then hang these shamrocks on the wall or ceiling.

Banners and other decorations:- You can create a banner using paper or cloth and place it on your doorway with a St. Patricks day message on it. You can also hang decorations like paper shamrocks from the ceilings, balloons, and other cut outs.

Table Decorations:- A great way to decorate your house is to have your table decorated. The table would play a very important part in your St. Patricks day celebrations, as it would be the center of your St. Patricks day lunch or dinner, you can decorate your table with a green table cloth with small prints of shamrock on it. You can also add a center piece to decorate the table. You can get yourself a dinner set or a set of plates with shamrock designs on them to serve your family and friends on St. Patricks Day.

In this section we look at some great St. Patricks Day decoration ideas that you can choose from to decorate your house this St. paddy’s Day. You can also use these amazing decoration ideas to decorate your house for a great St. Patricks Day party that you plan on hosting for your friends. Browse through our site to learn how to make these simple yet amazing St. Patricks Day decoration ideas.