St Patricks Day Greeting Cards

St Patricks Day Greeting Cards

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and a religious festival celebrated on the 17th of march each year to commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick, was credited with spreading Christianity to the far corners of Ireland. This day was officially made a feast day in the 17th century AD, while initially the day was observed as a religious festival, over time this festival has taken on more secular hues and is now become a day when people around the world celebrate ST. Patricks Day with parties and fun.

St. Patricks Day is usually celebrated in places where there is a high population of Irish descendants; countries like USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries where this festival is very popular. People celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green costumes, eating and drinking, giving gifts and exchanging ST. Patricks Day greeting cards.

St. Patricks day cards are a great way of wishing your friends and relatives on this fun filled festival. St. Patricks day cards are unique as they are mostly green in color with designs or images of the shamrock leaf, leprechauns, and images of festivities including drinking. These greeting cards are fun filled with cartoon characters, these St Patricks day ecards are a great way of greeting your friends and sharing the joy of St. Patricks Day with friends and family.  You can also find many St. Patrick’s day cards with images of St. Patrick on them or with various religious images, for those who are more keyed in to the religious aspect of this festival. You can find these amazing greeting cards for every mood, be it funny St. Patricks’ Day cards or religious St. Patricks cards.

So this St. Patricks Day, give your friends and family a funny St. Patricks day card and spread the joy and happiness and have your friends celebrate this great day with you. You can click on the link below to view and download thousands of St. Patricks day e-cards that you can email your friends.

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St. Patrick’s Day eCards