St Patricks Day Activities for Kids

St Patricks Day Activities for Kids

St.Patrick day is around the corner and everyone is excited about this. This day brings with it a lot of joy and happiness both for adults and kids. While St Patricks day is mostly seen as a festival where adults enjoy themselves, there are a lot that kids get to do on St Patricks Day that makes the festival so special to them. One such thing is St Patricks Day activities for kids, well before St Patricks Day, kids get to work on various craft projects and activity projects that involve St Patricks Day themes.

St Patricks Day activities and crafts for kids are not only a great way of keeping children entertained, but also help them learn and express their knowledge through the medium of art. You can make this St Patricks Day a memorable day for your kids by having them work on some St Patricks day kids activities that they would enjoy. We have got some easy and fun St Patricks day art activities that you can use to make your child happy.

St Patricks Day activities for kids:
Shamrock prints: Spread the luck of the Irish on this day by decorating your home with shamrock prints made by your kid. These shamrock cuttings can be placed on the tablecloth, wall, door decorations, compound wall and so many other places. To make a shamrock print you need to cut a potato into half. Now use a heart shape cookie cutter cut the potato into a heart shape and deepen out the heart shape. Now dip the cut potato in green acrylic paint and press onto the paper. Cut out the shape and repeat this procedure thrice to form a shamrock leaf. Use a painting brush to design the stem. You can even try this same idea by using different colors.
Leprechaun mask: This is an amazing craft idea for St Patricks day.  For making a leprechaun mask you need to use a small mirror as a base of the mask. Then use different colors like green, orange, yellow and black. Make a green color hat with black tie and stick shamrock flower on the black belt. Use orange color for making the chin and hair of the leprechaun. Make your child to wear this leprechaun mask for a party or on St Patricks Day morning.

Rainbow pattern: This is a very interesting St Patricks Day activity for kids that each and every child will love to do. All you need to do is take a paper plate and mark the centre of the plate. Now cut rainbow color strips from paper and stick them on the paper plate. Arrange the rainbow colors properly and use this during the parade on St.Patrick day or even during the party.

Blarney stone craft: Blarney stone is a bluestone found in the blarney castle in Ireland. Legend has it that kissing the stone gives you the gift of eloquence, so creating some blarney stone craft is a great idea for St Patricks Day. For this craft idea, start by taking a stone, colour the stone with green color and arrange some sequins, bits of yarn, plastic jewels, beads, googly eyes, bits of yarn and other fancy items to create a cute craft. Stick them on the blarney stone in an organised manner and keep them for drying. Now sketch eyebrows and a moustache on the stone. You can keep this fancy item on the table or mantle at home.

Shamrock photo frame: This is a very nice craft idea that can keep your kids entertained. For a Shamrock photo frame you would need to cut different sizes of shamrock using different color of foam such as light or dark green or yellow. Take a frame pattern with black color and stick these shamrocks on the frame. Now fix your family photograph and stick the frame with the help of a magnet strip. Keep this frame in the hall or in the bedroom or any other place you want.

These amazing kids activities for St Patricks day are not only good when you plan on organizing a kids party on St Patricks Day, but are also great when you have kids at home and want to keep them busy. You can use these amazing St Patricks Day activities for kids to help your kids develop their artistic skills.