Irish Black and Tan Recipe

Irish Black and Tan Recipe

St. Patricks day celebrations are all about having fun, letting down your hair and partying. One of the most important aspects of a St. Patricks day party is the St. Patricks Day drinks. People enjoy having Irish cocktails and Irish drinks on St. Patricks day. One of the most famous and most common drink in Ireland is stout beer or Guinness.  Here we have an amazing St. Patricks Day drink recipe called the Irish Black and Tan that is made using Guinness draught beer. This amazing Irish cocktail uses Guinness and red ale for an amazing and flavourful Cocktail. Learn how to make this amazing Irish Black and tan cocktail recipe by following these simple instructions. The Irish Black and Tan is the perfect beer cocktail for a great St. Patricks day party.

Irish Black and Tan


  • 6 parts red ale
  • 6 parts Guinness Draught


  • Take a large pint glass
  • Add the Red Ale to the glass
  • Take a spoon and pour the Guinness beer over the back of the spoon into the glass

Your Irish Black and Tan cocktail is ready to serve, you can try out this amazing cocktail when you have friends over or when you want to try out something new.