Green beer

Green beer

St. Patrick’s Day  is celebrated each year to commemorate the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. This day is a great occasion for the Irish to show their Irish pride by wearing the color green. While St. Patricks day is celebrated by feasting and partying, green food and drink form a major part of these festivities.

People all over the world enjoy drinking green colored drinks that are based on traditional Irish drink recipes, one such green drink that is very popular on St. Patricks Day is green beer.  Green beer is an amazing way that you can celebrate St. Patricks day in. While it is very common to drink beer either at home or at a pub, drinking green beer is not very common and is mostly seen during ST. patrciks day.

Green beer is also a great party drink if you plan on throwing a St. Patricks Day party and makes for a great St. Patricks Day party drink. Making green beer is very simple lets look at the recipe for green beer.

Green Beer Recipe


  • 1 pint light beer
  • 5 drops Green food colouring or blue food colouring


  • Take the light beer and pour it into a beer mug
  • Add 5 drops of green or blue colouring to the beer.

Voila your green beer is read to drink.  If you do not have green food colouring, you can use blue food colouring, the blue colour mixes with the yellow of the beer to make a green colour. SO Enjoy your green beer on St. Patricks day.