St. Patricks day is a special occasion, celebrated in honor St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated by wearing green, drinking green beer and decorating your house with green Irish decorations. On St Patrick’s Day you find that everyone is Irish and is wearing green. People celebrate this day with several activities such as attending parades, attending parties, reading myths and beliefs of St.Patrick and by reading and reciting funny St Patricks Day poems.

The Irish are fun loving people who are known for their razor sharp wit and rhyming tunes and poems. Funny St Patricks day poems combine both these characteristics of the Irish people into one giving you some of the funniest poems and limericks that you would have come across.  People love to write and listen to funny poems when they are with friends and family.

These amazing St Patricks day funny poems are a great way of entertaining your friends when you get together for a party. You are sure to have your friends in splits and rolling on the floor with laughter once you recite these funny St Patricks Day poems.

Here are few examples of Funny St.Patricks day poems you can read and share with your old buddies:

Funny St Patricks Day Poems

“In the Village of Blarney

There’s one magic stone.

They say when you kiss it,

You’re put in “the zone.”

You talk and you gab and

Your words are so glib

That it matters not least

If it’s truth or a fib.

So it’s lie through your teeth

Or its truth that you own.

It’s all in the gift

of the kissed Blarney Stone.”- Denise Rodgers


“Why are the dark ales flowing so strongly today?

What is that unique sound the pipes around me play?

Why are some men walking by in skirts?

Why do I keep screaming cheers and chants until it hurts?

What is the point in the pinches i keep getting?

Why does it seem no one is interested in sitting?

Who are these people and why all the green?

Do they realize they are making a scene?

Who is this man that they are all giving praises?

Who is this man that is responsible for all the glass raises?

Why did that fellow ask if it was his lucky day?

Was he implying what I think he wanted to say?

Why is my vision getting more and more blurry?

Why do these red-headed fellows seem so furry?

Where did they get this delicious green beer?

Why am I not completely full of fear?

What is it that bartender is saying to me?

“Celebration is over drunk lady, bar closes at three!” –Kara k.


“Tell me, what’s under an Irishman’s kilt?

Is it an item to cause him some guilt?

When he’s outdoors, does it get a bit breezy?

When windy and wild, does it get a bit sleazy?

Whether an old guy, or some well-built hottie,

Does winter wind makes bumps all over his body?

Well, that is my guess, in an Irishy lilt.

As I still do not know what is under that kilt!”- Denise Rodgers


“The Irish are a funny bunch.

They stop for tea instead of lunch.

They laugh and joke.. they call it “craic.”

When they get fired it’s called a “sack.”

Don’t ever ask one for a “ride!”

Say “lift.” Then you may get inside,

Unless you need another floor…

The “lift” can drop you off on 4.

Don’t say ‘please pick me up at one.’

You’ll be “collected” when your done.

Your bags will go into the “boot”

But you can’t wear it on your foot!

Instead of hood they have a “bonnet.”

OH, NO! there are NO flowers on it!

Clean diapers make a baby happy

So bring along an extra “nappy.”


“We Yanks will simply have to pardon

Calling what’s out back “the garden.”

When thirsty, it’s not ‘beer’ you shout

But ‘give us each a pint of stout.”

Ah, yes, ONE person equals “US”

And “we” don’t wish to make a fuss

While treading on this island, green

Where fairies dance and “shawlies” keen.


The four green fields are to my liking,

But I’m not Irish!

I’m a Viking!!”-Katy L.Walsvik


“It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and a year has gone by

Since I took that walk in the woods

And something caught my eye.

He was a strange little fellow

Who had a rather large nose

And a belt of bright yellow.

He was dancing with all his might,

With surprise intensity

For one of his height.

I do not know if he saw me,

If so, he did not care.

He kept right on dancing

As if I wan’t there.

Then, I was finally able to see

What inspired him to dance

With such an energy.

Because, if the truth be told,

One always dances better

When his stabe is a pot of gold.”-James