All You Need to Know About St. Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day Lights

St Patricks Day Lights

St patricks day lights

St patricks day lights

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and 17th of March is the day is celebrated world wide as St Patrick day, in the memory of the saint. St Patrick was credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. People celebrate this day with dancing, singing, drinking, feasting and celebrating in pubs, watching the parade, wearing green color dresses and having green beer. Children pinch their friends who have not worn green dress on this day and have a good time together. St. Patricks Day is a religious holiday and people decorate their houses with lights, shamrock paintings, balloons and many more.

Lighting up the entire house and its surroundings also depicts Irish pride on St.Patricks day. You can choose different variety of green lights, stringed light, shamrock light and bulbs to decorate the house on this day. Here we have handpicked some amazing St. Patrick’s Day light decoration ideas that can be used to decorate your house and give amazing look on this day.

St. Patrick’s Day lights

Lights are a very common decoration that is used in various festivals and celebrations, adding light decorations to your home on a festival make your house more festive, bright and lively. Lets look at some great St. Patrick’s Day lights decorations here.

Fiber optic Irish pride lighted wreath: – The Fiber optic Irish pride light wreath is a great Irish decoration that is suited to welcome your guests home. This light decoration contains a bunch of lovely flowers such as roses, carnations and some greenery with sparkling lights placed in between the flowers to give an amazing look to the wreath and welcome your guests with big smile on their face. This light decoration runs on three AAA batteries which is easily available in the market.

LED Leprechaun ladder:- A LED Leprechaun light ladder has Leprechauns in a mad scramble, with shamrock strewn on the ladder. This decoration gives a very unique look to your home. It comprises of LED lights that are placed in between the ladder rungs to give a bright look to the ladder. This can be used to hang on the door wall or underneath the cupboard.

Black light;- Black light is a very good party decoration idea for your party on St. Patrick’s eve; you can ask your guests to wear fluorescent green color dresses that glows in black lights. Arrange some fluorescent bracelets, necklaces and face mask for guests that’s will glow in black light. You can also stick green color glow sticks on the ceiling of the room or tie them on the balloons and let the balloons float on the ground. In the black light room green glow stick helps to produce a small beam of light that is required during the party.

Led stake lights:- Led stake lights can be placed in the home to give a rainbow look to your house by lighting up stakes of LED lights. This light decoration will give your house a traditional look. You can also use plain green bulb lights to line your sidewalk.

Shamrock rope light:- this light decoration idea keeps the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day live throughout the year. You can craft a shape of shamrock with the help of a rope light and hang them on the window or at the entrance to welcome your guest with beautiful light.

You can use these amazing St. Patrick’s Day lights and light decoration ideas to decorate your house and make it look beautiful on St Patricks Day.