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St Patricks Day Banner

St Patricks Day Banner

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th of March around the world in the name of St.Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. People around the world celebrate this day by decorating their homes, attending service, having family get together and partying. ST. Patricks Day is one of the few fstivals that allows people to celebrate this day without any restrictions. People organize parties and drink with family and friends and have a great time. One of the most important aspects of organizing a party is to ensure that you have the right party decoration. Just like other festivals, special decorations are used to decorate houses and party venues for St. Patricks Day. One of the most commonly used decorations on this day is the St. Patricks Day banner decorations. St Patricks Day banners are usually green in color with golden or yellow lettering on them, these banners usually have a Irish greeting or quote written on them. Here we have some amazing St. Patricks Day Banner ideas that you can use to decorate your house.

St. Patrick’s Day Banner Ideas

St. Patrick day is just around the corner, it’s time for you to decorate your house with wonderful banners that depict Irish pride .A St Patricks day banner made either with cloth or paper, and has  logos, symbol and either an Irish quote or message written on it. St Patricks day banners are a very important part of your decoration, as these banners can cover entire area of the wall that can be noticeable by the people. There are several types of banners that are displayed inside and outside of the house to wish people on St.Patricks day.

Rainbow banner: you can a rainbow St. Patricks Day banner by using a green background with the rainbow colors falling into a pot of gold coins. You can make the golden pot from a sheet of golden paper and stick them on the right side of the rainbow .You should paste the pot of gold in such a way that it should overlap the rainbow .You can also cut some coins and cover them in gold glitter and place them in the pot. To add an St Patricks Day touch to your banner, add some shamrock flowers on the banners to make it attractive.

Shamrock Banner:  You can create a shamrock banner by making a stencil by drawing the outline of shamrock on hard paper and then cutting out the shape. Once you have your  shamrock designs cut out make a hole in each shamrock and pass a golden string in each shamrock and link them together and tie this shamrock on the door or at the entrance of your house to welcome your guests.

Luck of Irish Banner:- One of the most popular St. Patricks Day Banner is the Luck of the Irish banner. You can make this simple banner at home by taking two triangles made out of stiff cardboard or construction paper, ensure that the triangles are of different sizes i.e. one larger than other. Trace the larger one on a green construction paper and smaller one on a white construction paper. The white triangle is pasted on the center of the green triangle. Write the St. Patrick’s day slogan as The Luck of the Irish” or “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or Happy St. Patrick’s Day “on the green paper and cut them out and stick on the flag .Punch the holes on right and left side of the flag and connect the letters with the help of green ribbons.

Leprechaun banner: Draw a picture of a leprechaun standing with the arms open on a stiff paper or cardboard and cut him out .Cut out round circles of yellow color for the gold coins and punch holes o both the sides of the coins and write the slogan on each circle and attach them on leprechaun right hand side with gold ribbon. Stick some more gold coins on the leprechaun gold pot. Place them on the wall of your house to give your house an amazing look on St. Patricks Day.

Another great banner idea is to use inverted green St.Patricks hats with golden belt surrounded shamrock leaves along with gold coins placed in the hat. You can use an Irish quote or just have a simple greeting like ” Luck of the Irish” or “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” printed on the hat and hang the flag on the garden tree. You can also show rainbow coming out from the hat instead of shamrock and place these shamrocks leaves over the rainbow this also can be a very good idea to capture the attention of people.

Use these simple and amazing St. Patricks Day Banner decoration ideas to decorate your home this year.